Pork Tenderloin stuffed with Brie, Apples, and Spinach Recipe

Pork Tenderloin stuffed with Brie, Apples, and Spinach RecipeI really enjoy pork tenderloin because it’s easy to cook and it’s pretty much always on sale. But rather than just throw it in the oven, why not add some fun stuffing to it. I love the mix of brie, apples and spinach inside the pork. The perfect amount of  sweet and salty. Add some roast carrots and apples to the side and it’s an amazing, comforting meal.Pork Tenderloin stuffed with Brie, Apples, and Spinach RecipePork Tenderloin stuffed with Brie, Apples, and Spinach RecipePork Tenderloin stuffed with Brie, Apples, and Spinach RecipeIngredients:

1 apple, diced*
1 handful of spinach
a few slices of brie
salt and pepper for seasoning
1 pork tenderloin, about a pound
4 large carrots, diced
any leftover apple*
1 cup of veggie stock [chicken stock would probably work as well.]
2 tsp of cinnamon

*I could only fit about a half an apple into my tenderloin and thus cooked the rest of it with the carrots. You may need another apple depending on the size of your apple/tenderloin and whether you’d like some apple as part of your side dish

Pre-heat oven to 425º. Begin by slicing your pork tenderloin open, being careful not to slice all the way through. Next stuff your pork with as much spinach, brie, and apples as you can. Now it’s time to close up your pork as tight as you can. You don’t want the tasty gooey brie leaking all over! I used toothpicks but you could also use sting or even unflavored non waxed floss. Once your pork is sealed tight season with salt and pepper. Slice up some carrots and some apple and place in the baking dish around your pork. Pour the veggie stock over your carrots and apples. It should be just enough to cover the bottom of the dish so everything stay moist and nothing sticks to the bottom. Sprinkle cinnamon on top of your apples and carrots. Place in the oven for 25-35 minutes or until a thermometer reads 160º in the thickest part of your pork. Let pork rest for 5 minutes before slicing and serving.

If you don’t have a meat thermometer, I highly recommend getting one. It’s the best way to check to see if your meat is done without over cooking it. This is the one I have.** And I like it well enough. It’s easy to use and I like that it has an alarm for when my meat hits my desired temperature.


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  • http://inconsistentexpectations.wordpress.com/ Sarah Russell

    This looks really good. I never thought about stuffing my meat with apples before! I think I’m going to try this with chicken. Unfortunately, I have no brie so cheddar will have to suffice! hmmm, I also don’t have spinach…bananas it is then (ok, I’m just kidding on the bananas, maybe I’ll just use apples by themselves…)! Maybe I’ll make a post about it, too!

    • http://shesingswedance.com/ Jackie B.

      I think chicken, apples and cheddar would work and taste good! When I make things I just think what works together and then throw it all together. So like chicken plus cheddar is good, apples and cheddar is good so why not all three? But yeah, I’d leave out the bananas. That sounds disgusting 😛