What I Wore: Pie Love You

What I Wore: Pie Love You What I Wore: Pie Love YouI meant to post this earlier this week. Just like I meant to make a pie and share the recipe. Let’s just say I haven’t been adjusting too well with Steve being away. It doesn’t help that the moment I start to feel better and start to enjoy the weather it then changes to bitterly cold or overcast or whatever. I do so much better when it’s nice out and I can get out of the house. Of course when I can’t get out of the house for an extended period of time it can be hard to motivate myself to do something. I’m forcing myself out on Monday to go to a play date. Right now my head is dreading the idea. But I know once I’m out and spending time with other people and socializing things will be better. Plus when I’m in a healthy state of mind I really enjoy these ladies. It’s times like this that I’m tempted to move to Southern California. I see pictures of people enjoying the sun and the beach and it just makes me want to be there. To be outside all the time and not have the excuse of bad weather. It’s too easy of an excuse for me.  What I Wore: Pie Love YouIn other less depressing news, I love this dress! I bought it for a wedding reception I attended back in November. I had my eye on it for a while and a wedding reception was the perfect excuse. It’s a little thin, there’s no lining, but that makes it perfect for spring and summer. It fits really well too. The only change I would make is to shorten it. I’m a fan of dresses that hit at or above the knees. I feel like these awkward mid calf lengths make me look stumpy. Though these pictures don’t really reflect that so maybe it’s just in my head? I’m also loving these tights. I always get complements when I wear them out. Though I’m not sure they were worth the price. They’re already starting to show wear and I’ve only worn them a handful of times. I guess that’s just tights for you. Maybe I need to learn the proper taking care of tights techniques. What I Wore: Pie Love YouThe pie brooches are some of my favorite ones that I’ve made lately. You can find then in my shop. I guess the only left to talk about is my new hair! I’ve been slowly working on lightning it for awhile now but this is the first big step to half and half. I think I have another one or two sessions of lightening before I get it to white. I’m taking it slow since I’m not trying to kill my hair. I don’t know if I’ll keep the half white and half brown or if I’ll do another fun color once my hair is light enough. What do you think? The only unnatural color I’ve ever done before is orange so I’m kind of excited to try something new. I’m leaning towards a pastel blue. What I Wore: Pie Love YouCardigan // Thrifted, Dress* & Tights* // Modcloth, Shoes // UrbanOG, Necklace // unknown, Headband // Forever 21, Brooches // Etsy

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  • Tina Maynard

    The ONLY thing good about southern California IS the weather! Lol. And In N Out :)

    Bryan’s been gone all week and Beau’s decided that’s a great time to be as difficult as possible so I’m very much ready for him to be home and just DREADING NTC.

    Feel better soon.

    • http://shesingswedance.com/ Jackie B.

      I don’t really know enough about Southern California to make a good decision. It’s totally all based on beach fantasies! I’m more of an East Coast girl anyway so pretty sure I wouldn’t enjoy it too much.
      It’s always when they’re away that the kids go crazy it seems! I’m guessing Bryan is a gunnery this week? I hope NTC doesn’t mean Bryan is deploying!