Army Life: We’re PCSing soon!

seeyoulatercoloradoI know I’ve mentioned a few times that we will be moving sometime this summer and we finally have an idea of where we’re headed. Come July we’ll be living in…NYC! We don’t know what exactly that means yet. It could mean Manhattan or it could mean we’re an hour away on the far east side of Long Island. I’m crossing my fingers for Brooklyn at the moment since that would mean we could live on base at Fort Hamilton. Not that I’m a huge fan of living on base but I like the idea of living in a large apartment in a community I’m familiar with at least until we familiarize ourselves with the city. Plus Washer and Dryer in the apartment makes my heart flutter.

Since finding out that we’re going to be headed to NYC there have been tons of thoughts racing through my head. Decisions to make. Things to get use to. I sorta wish we were going to DC but I realize that’s only because going to a big city you know is easier than going to a big city you don’t know. DC would have been the “safe” choice. That being said, I am very excited to go to NYC. It’s one of those dreams that I always fantasized about but figured we’d never actually end up there. At least for as long as we have kids. Not because you can’t have kids in the city but rather because I never thought we’d be able to afford it. Of course that’s all changed now since the Army gives you enough Basic Housing Allowance (BAH) to be able to afford living in the area you’re stationed at.

We’ll be in NYC for three years. I think it’s the perfect amount of time for us to get our feet wet and decide if we love NYC but not so long that if we end up not liking it that we dread being there. I love that we’ll be so close to family and friends again. I really miss the East Coast. Plus we have several family members and friends in the city. It’s going to be great to do so many bucket list type things. I’ve only been to NYC three times. The first time my parents, siblings and I were headed to Connecticut and we made a quick stop. I took a picture of the twin towers from the car and we saw the statue of liberty from across the harbor. The second time I went with a friend to the College Music Journal festival. If memory serves we were there for one day so while we saw a lot of great bands, it really could have been in any city. The last time another friend and I went shopping in SOHO. It was another day trip so again, I had no idea where I was or where I was going but I did buy some awesome shoes.

So pretty much I know next to nothing about living in NYC or even being in NYC. I’m a bit nervous about the subway riding thing, especially once you add two kids to the equation. It just seems like it’s a lot more complex than the DC metro. Eeps. I’ve definitely spent the last few days just reading everything I can get my hands on. It’s making it hard to sleep at night since my brain is always going going going.

I’ll be sure to keep you update on our adventures. In the mean time, any one have any advice for a NYC noob like me?

  • Adam Z. Winer

    CMJ woot woot! yeah i dont really think we spent much time in the city tho. Very excited for your big change!